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Insight to Graphic Design

Monday  |  February 18th, 2019

This Megabyte is purely educational & intended to shed some light on a trade service that has been left in the middle gray area for a long time. With entrepreneurship & freelance designers on the rise, we would like to share information we've learned over the years.


The Skinny on Graphic Design


Like to shop around to get the best deal?

Who doesn’t, am I right.  But, I am sure you have better things to do with your time, like run your business, do your job or make your volunteer hours count! We all have a lot on our plates & spending time looking for a sweet deal online, only to get to the end and realize you actually did not save much money and you wasted hours figuring that out. We don’t lure you in with $5 business cards & hidden fees. You need an actual cost of products in order to make the best decisions for your business or organization.

When you choose R Digital Design as your graphic designer & print broker, you can be assured you are getting a fair deal. That is our job, to shop around locally, state wide, as well as nationally to know what is available. We have 15 years experience in this industry!



It is important for us to know what your budget is upfront, that way we know if higher end or economical products fit your needs. We always recommend quality products, that way the custom design we create for you will pair nicely with your newly printed items.


Plan Ahead

This ensures your graphic designer has time to design and/or print your project.

Unless you have your own graphic design team that is employed by your company, you do not have the luxury of on demand services. Freelance designers have other clients with other deadlines. So, keep that in mind. While we are fortunate to stay busy, we always try to accommodate our clients schedules.


Another perk for planning ahead, you will save money by not having to expedite printing. We already offer competitive pricing for our high quality print products, but we do not eat the cost to expedite. Again, you can go with low-end “get the job done” products or get something that speaks volumes to your audiences.

I mean, why would you invest money on a professional logo or re-brand only to have your print items look unprofessional.


It doesn’t represent your polished brand & you are sending the wrong message with inconsistent branding.


Your brand appearance attracts your clients.

Your brand appearance attracts your clients. Whether you are a business with a target audience or a non-profit trying to secure large sponsorships, please consult a professional designer. As some people like to dilly dally with layouts in Publisher, it is not professional and they are not a graphic designer. Websites that offer the “design yourself” service with gimmicky deals, are time wasters.

Clip art is not a logo!

In the end, you are costing your business or organization money by not consulting a professional. Which costs valuable time, money and potentially loosing an important client or sponsorship with subpar marketing pieces.


The old saying of you have to spend money to make money is true. Spending money on quality work & products will attract your ideal client or investor. Don’t skimp on what is important & please for the love of design, do not expect a professional designer to create any layout for free. We do not negotiate our graphic design time, but we do offer a wide variety of print product at various prices that will surely fit your budget.


Thanks for taking the time to understand our services.

We are fortunate have many amazing clients that totally respect our profession!

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